It is my great joy to announce that I have joined forces with the team at Manna Healing and Wholeness to provide comprehensive wellness services to individuals in the Springfield / Branson region.

Did you know that STRESS is the underlying factor to most illness and disease?  Have you ever considered that your symptoms are an indicator of that stress?  Symptoms are a HELPFUL sign, a reminder that something under the surface needs your attention.

With a process called Specialized Kinesiology, we use muscle testing techniques to tap straight into the energetic stress that is at the root of your issues whether it be cognitive function, structural alignment, body pain, hormone imbalances, autoimmune conditions, allergies, chemical toxicity or other issues.  As a result, your body will move forward in healing, which is what God created our bodies to do NATURALLY. 

Consider a FREE ASSESSMENT to determine whether your struggles have an underlying energetic issue that is holding you back from optimal health.  

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Are you struggling to remember things? Do you have brain fog or learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dysgraphia or ADD?  Do you have specific traumatic memories, addictions, or other life controlling issues?  Brain Integration is a touch therapy that is rapidly gaining popularity in the alternative health realm as a non-invasive and innovative technique to help individuals unlock their mental potential. 

We offer this service in individual sessions at a cost of $125 per individual session, or a package deal that includes 15 hours of therapy as a complete neurological overhaul for $1500.


This package deal works through each area of your brain to clear out stress. Integrating each area of the brain to the other areas of processing will drastically improve performance and essentially eliminate issues such as auditory and visual processing.

Please call for an in-depth explanation of the benefits of this protocol and a free assessment.

Bio-energetic Scan

A bio-energetic analysis highlights vitamin and mineral deficiencies, absorption or digestive disorders, heavy metals, environmental toxicity, allergens, enzyme deficiencies, pathogens, oxidative stress levels, hormonal imbalances, and so much more.   

The scan cost is $150 and will include a consultation about your results as well as 1 hour of brain integration work focused on relieving stress found in the scan. 

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Lingering body pain can have long term consequences to your overall health.  

Did you know that when you get an injury, it is critically important to make sure that the energetic connection to your nervous system has not been compromised?  When the energetic connection is restored, healing will result.   

Often times, people compensate for their physical pain causing an alteration of their structural alignment.  This is a dangerous and degenerative pattern to fall into.


At Epiphany Wellness we deal with your physical injuries, postural alignment and compensations before they become long term problems.


Are you wanting to take your health into your own hands, we offer internationally recognized Certification in TOUCH FOR HEALTH. Once certified, you will not only be proficient in your understanding of the body's energy systems, but you will have the confidence and competence to practice improving the health of your family and clients of your own. Keep an eye on our upcoming events and practice sessions.

Adult Students

Jon and Beth Watford, owners of Epiphany Wellness.


Our story is one of faith, giant leaps of faith in fact.  Western medicine was leading us in circles - as it could not offer an explanation for my child's bladder issues.  We tried everything - allergists, neurologists, urologists - but couldn't find the root of the problem. After giving up on medications, which simply caused too many side effects, we turned to God and prayed for healing, taking our son forward at our local Christian church for prayer.  


We were directed to a local Naturopathic Doctor who was practicing a new method that I had never heard of before. She was using muscle testing to assess and correct stress to his body on an energetic level.  We all know that the nervous system runs on electricity - it quickly sparked my curiosity.  


As I watched her test his muscles to find an indicator to the underlying issue, I asked many questions in an attempt to understand how simple touch therapy could alter physiological symptoms.  


This was a paradigm shift for me, though I knew and believed that our bodies were created to heal themselves, the concept was hard to grasp.  Nonetheless, after one session my child's bladder issues were identified, treated, and the symptoms were eliminated.  He had been suffering from an overgrowth of Candida, a yeast common to our bodies that can wreak havoc if it grows out of control. What I did know before I went to this appointment is that my son was allergic to yeast based on blood tests at the allergist.  This poor kid had an overgrowth of yeast AND he was allergic to that yeast - no wonder he had been suffering!  


My fascination with God's glorious creation of the human body and my love for learning new things quickly took over as I found myself in another state studying to apply these alternative health techniques within only 2 months time.  Now, with over 20 certifications gathered from literally around the world, I am thrilled to be a educating others on taking their health into their own hands.  



Our success is measured by your level of wellbeing. Get in touch today and find out how we can help set you on the path to better health.


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